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    April ,   2015
    SuYajna  Event1 :: Sreeda ( Donation of human needs )  
    Buddhiman Vruddha Sevaya
Mamatha Old Age & Child Home
Ramanthapur, Hyderabad

Event Detail :

Donating for the purchase of kitchen necessities at MamataHome

About Mamata Home : ( More information awaited )

Kamalakar Memorial Trust is a charitable organization that runs variety of social service
causes in the vicinity of Hyderabad.  It  was founded to perpetuate the memory of Late
Sri Kamalakar, a Mechanical Engineer and a humanitarian.The organization was
established under the auspices of Mrs.Bharati Devi, a prominent social activist in  the
year 1990.In its formative years the organization started working for the poor and
orphaned by providing food and clothes. Over time the trust streamlined its activities by
starting an old age home(Mamatha) in the year 1999 and the School (Sri Vikasa
Bharathi) for the urban poor in the year 2001.

In order to serve the needy old people, Kamalakar Memorial Trust has established
Mamatha Old Age home in the year 1999. The old age home currently has about 20
inmates and all are provided with food and accommodation for free of charge.

In order to create a connection with the community for these inmates the trust organizes
various spiritual programs, speeches and cultural events etc. These programs/events
not only provide connections with the community but also cheer them up.

Some more info :

Location :  

Mamata Oldage Home
#3-10-6, Sri Laxmi Residency,
Gokhale Nagar, Ramanthapur,
Hyderabad - 500013