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    May  31,   2015
    SuYajna  Event1 :: Samskara(Values)  & Sarvajna (Kid-welfare)
    Seelam Param Bhooshanam
    Discussion on Values by Children  @ Vedika :The Speaking Society

अक्रोधस्तपसः क्षमा बलवतां धर्मस्य निर्व्याजता  |
सर्वेषामपि  सर्वकारणमिदं  शीलं परं  भूषणम्      ||

Event Detail :

Encouraging the kids to take part in group discussion on topics related to Samskara (
Values )

Kids are going to be exposed to the values kept up great personalities. They are going
to choose 3-4 values they deem are important to their life and will speak on how they
are going to practice in their life.

All the participants will receive gifts ....

About Vedika :

"A platform for self-improvement and leadership through improved communication skills.”

with the mission

  • Instigate Positive AGGRESSION
  • and Provide AVENUES for Expression
  • so our youth ( and adults too) can set, work for and realize their purpose and

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