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Oct, Nov &  Dec  -  2015
SuYajna  Event2 :: Sivaardha, Samskara &  Sreeda
Om Namoh Bhagavate Rudrayah - Ati Rudram  
Dec 29- Jan 3 , Ayodhyamandapam ,  Chennai



Rudram  pronounces the power of Rudra as a
protector ; this is obvious when
Rudram is  
understood  (by its meaning).  

To invoke Rudra through Japam , pacify him
through Abhishekam , serve him through
Havis/Homam is a great way to work towards
community welfare and world peace !

Annadanam during such an event surely gives
Santi to many souls.

Every day -

  • Ayyappa puja is done  by all , as this event is being
    organized by volunteers from Ayyappa Bhakta
    MahaJana Trust.

  • All GODS , mainily Rudra along with his consort is
    invoked through Kalasa Sthapana.

  • Rudram with Namakam and Chamakam is chanted
    by close to 300 Ritviks  while Abhishekam is
    performed with Panchamritams.

  • Dampati Puja also takes place every day

  • Rudram Homam is performed along with Purnahuti.

  • This is followed by Annadanam to  all

  • There is Sankeertan and Bhajan every night

  • On the last day there will be Chandi Homam too

**   All the efforts are for world peace and welfare one and
all . So participation will help  the event and all immensely.

Event -Detail :  

Ati-Rudram is going to be conducted from Dec 29, 2015  - Jan 3 , 2016.
Here is a brief
overview  of the program by the organizers .
2nd announcement and brochure of the program

Ayodhya Mantapam , West Mambalam , Chennai

History :

For past 24 years Ayyappa Puja and Maharudram is conducted by Sree Ayyappa Bhakta Mahajana
Trust on  Dec 31 and Jan 1 of every year.  On the 25th year as part of Silver Jublee ,    this time
Atirudram is being organized.