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    Sept  &  Oct ,  2015
    SuYajna  Event1 ::  Sreeda ( Daanam )
Hutam Cha Dattam ChaThaiva Thistati
    Amar Seva Sangam , Ayikudy

Event Detail :

Suyajna will donate a wheel chair  ( model Wheel Chair Model Wm4sX S & L  of Rs. 6400 )
to Amar Seva Sangam ...

About  Amar Seva Sangam :

AMAR SEVA SANGAM (ASSA), established by S. Ramakrishnan with a few friends in 1981,
the International year of the disabled, was registered under Tamilnadu Societies
Registration Act, 1975 Cer. No.TSI 16/1981. The founder became a Quadriplegic in 1975
when he was in the fourth year Engineering, following an accident he met with, while
attending the interview for Naval Officers’ selection.. After intense self-rehabilitation, he
wanted to serve the society and spend his remaining life meaningfully, resulting in the birth
of ASSA, named after his Doctor Air Marshall Amarjit Singh Chahal..

Address :  

Post Box No.001
Tenkasi Road AYIKUDY
PIN 627852
Phone : 04633 - 249170, 249180