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Sept - Event2  , Nov-Event1 , 2015
SuYajna  Event :: GoHitam
Garuku Sthambham - Gavaam Madhye Vahamyaham


Event Detail :

Cows need a rough surface around them where
they can rub them selves against to relieve of
itching and to clean.

The pillar with this rough surface help these
voiceless animals is called "Garuku Stambham"  
in Telugu.

@Kancheepuram , Kamakoti Goshala we are
planning to have 5-6 Garuku Stambhams  
Significance :
Garuku Stambham & Gou also help us  
humans ,  let it be sentiment / science but
the proof and logic is beyond the scope of
this event description.  They ( Pracachan
Kartas )  say this rubbing of Gou to
Garuku Stambham helps our Pitrus.
Whatever , one thing is very clear that the  
cow really needs help , feels comfortable
to have this Stambham around.  Here is a
picture sample installation  @ Kakinada

Time  :  This event is planned in Sept , but since this involves some construction that will take
some time to coordinate with locals.

Location :  @Kancheepuram , Kamakoti Goshala