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    Feb , 2015
    SuYajna  Event1 :: Sankari ( Trees & Nature related)  
Vriksho Rakshati Rakshitaha
Veda Pathasala , Siva Sthanam  , Tenambakam , Tamil Nadu

Event Description  :

We are donating some flower plants to the Vedapathasala.

Proposed by

Irrespective of the historic significance of the place as Siva
sthanam and the great importance it has by  
Paramacharya ,  Smt. Saroja Mahaligam  , one of our core
members happened to visit the place @ tenambakam. She
was told by the locals of the Pathasala that some flower
plants would be very helpful for Puja.  She suggested the
event to Suyajna and contacted the locals about the plan
to send the plants.

More detail to be added soon