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    Jul ,  2015
    SuYajna  Event1 ::  Sankari & Sarvajna (Nature and kid-welfare)
    Kadamba Godaavari
    Mahaveer VidyaNiketan School , Rajahmundry

Event Detail  ** Brief outline is here and more detail will come soon .

Children below 8 years, are going to present a Kadambam of expressions around Godavari
River .

On the grand occasion of Godvari Pushkaram, participants will present in this Kadambam  
songs , stories , pushara experiences , scientific thoughts , or any other  innovative
thoughts on Godavari Mata. The specific choice is decided by the school & local organizers.


Mahaveer Vidyaniketan School , T.Nagar , Rajahmundry , Andhrapradesh