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It was an intense scholastic Upanyasam in Tamil on Manusrimiti by Brahma Sri.Rajagopal  Ganaptatiji.
This is one (15th) in the series of Upanyasams conducted by Veda Dharma Sastra Paripalana Sabha
@ Bangalore.  Smt Malathy Venkatesh​ & family have been really kind to host this event  and gave
Prasadam (filling dinner) for all participants.

Suyajna has contributed for the event Rs 2550  by expressing the respect to Ghanapatiji as various
Danams ( wodden & bamboo seat Chatram/umbrella, honey, ghee, til, gud,  fruits,  flowers, rice, dal ,
chandan, karpoor, dhoop, dhoti/salya, pillow, copper vessel & bangles & vastram & cash  .. the listing
is to ack. all those who contributed and the wish for the punya phalam to be for all ) This moment felt
more auspicious as this coincided with the Adi pushkaram ending of Godavari river and it felt like
capsule collection of every day Danam to be done on a single day in our limited capacity.

Jul 25, 2015
    SuYajna  Event2 :: Samskruti & Samskara  
Visesha  Upanyasam