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    Jun ,   2015
    SuYajna  Event1 ::  Sarvajna (women-welfare)
    Sampradaya Sahita Sarvajna
    Sampradaya School
       Kurapati Layout , Tirupati

About Sampradaya School :

To keep up the cultural values amongst the women of india , sampradaya school @
Tirupati  is first of its kind started recently under the aegis of Kamakoti Peetham  with its
focus on the cultural training of girls who have passed 10th class. This residential school  
will help the girls also seek degree level education through distance education . About 15
girls have registered in the first batch.

Event Detail :

This Sampadaya school concept requires lot of financial and social support.
Through this event suyajna wishes to send its contribution through Prateeksha trust to
Sampradaya school.

Location :

Kurapati Layout  , Tirupati