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Apr  -  2016
SuYajna  Event1:: Saankari & Sreeda

यथा वदंतीह महाप्रदानं सर्वेषु दानेषु जलप्रदानम्‌॥
Multi site event

न भूप्रदानं न सुवर्णदानं न गोप्रदानं न तथान्नदानम्‌।

यथा वदंतीह महाप्रदानं सर्वेषु दानेषु जलप्रदानम्‌॥

Not the donation of land, Not the donation of gold,
Not the donation of cows, Not even the donation of food,
Donation of water is called greatest of all donations in this world

Event Detail :

To install cement pots filled with water at as many places as
possible in this hot summer  particularly for animals , birds or  give
pots to the deserving people

If you are  planning to install/donate more than 2 pots  please let
us know , Suyajna will fund you.  But inform us your plan through
email please  though the participation page !


Event Detail

Suyajna is going to give plants to  Avasiya vidyalaya in Dewas (near Indore). This is
a special school run by government for kids who are abandoned.

There is a need for plants and trees in this school and it will help the children