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Feb  -  2016
SuYajna  Event2:: Sankari

दशपुत्रसमो द्रुमः
Dewas near Indore

दशकूपसमा वापी दशवापीसमो ह्रदः । दशह्रदसमः पुत्रो दशपुत्रसमो द्रुमः ॥

A pond equals ten wells, a reservoir equals ten ponds. A son equals ten reservoirs, and a
tree equals ten sons!  - Matsya-purāṇa 154:512


Event Detail

Suyajna is going to give plants to  Avasiya vidyalaya in Dewas (near Indore). This is a
special school run by government for kids who are abandoned.

There is a need for plants and trees in this school and it will help the children immensely.