Event Detail  :  

Sunnyvale Hindu temple is one of the popular temples


But right outside there is a Shiv Ling without Aacchadan ( covering  ) that caught our attention ...

Appeal to the temple officials :

We identified a statue of Shiva being outside the temple  being exposed to all elements but receiving
Pujas. We feel it can be cared for better with some shelter and spoke to the temple officials . We
discussed  many-things like beach umbrella , canopy shelter ,  sheets with pillars etc.  in the least.

But the temple officials have been kind to inform us that due to some challenges from city officials they
could not put a shelter above Shiva and they are planning to move this Shiva inside.

So we decided to send an appeal , politely around to the group and the interested to sign the petition
appealing and requesting the temple officials to move this in or provide a shelter as soon as possible
as we strongly believe this Shiv Ling requires more care than its present condition ASAP .

All those who feel the same can sign the petition in the participation tab , so that we supportively
request for quick action.

Gifting some thing for ShivaLing  :

We are planning to gift some thing for this Shiva . may be a dhoti , some thing for bettering his
surrounding... atleast put back that missing slab , anything that the temple officials feel can be done
there. Amount howmuch ever will be handed over to temple officials.

Aug 2014  :  SuYajna  Event1 :: Sivardha ( Temple Welfare)
Sivam Sankaram Sambhu Meesaanameede
Sankara Seva  , Sunnyvale