It is moment of curiosity, emotion and great joy  while the announcement of Uttaradhikari  was done by  
H.H of Sringeri Peetham .  

Sishya sweekara Mahotsavam @ Sringeri Mutt;is definitely a moment to rejoice for all of us who follow &
understand Jagatguru Adi Sankara's Avicchinna Parampara. It is not at all easy to be a Sanyasi , then
to be a direct Sishya to H.H , all the more challenging to be a Uttaraadhikari of a glorious peetham. All
of us also have a responsibility to support the new pontiff, there by help ourselves to keep up Dharma
and Guru Parampara.  

On this great occasion we wish to express our humble respects to Bhagavathi Saradamba  & Their
Holiness .

Jan 22-23,  2015 :  SuYajna  Event1::Saatvika & Samskruti (Sadhu Seva and Culture  )
Guru Vandanam
Sishya Sweekara Mahotsavam
Sringeri, Karnataka