Event Detail :  

This month we wish  to plant the special category of the plants relevant to your current situation/interest.

Ex :  IT could be

1. Medicinal plants
2. Interior deco.
3. Puja related
4. Havan ( Homa)
5. Herbs ......
6. Aroma  
7. Any category ..... related etc.

One should study and acquire to plant them at any place of your choice.

All are welcome to participate.  If one thinks it is not possible for them to do it , one of us will do it on your
behalf , but  then make sure to financially contribute at least Rs 100 /-  to participate. It may be in the
least giving 4 Tulasi plants to neighbours to groom !

Ex :  Ganesha Puja Plants







Jul 2014  :  SuYajna  Event1 :: Sankari  ( Plants , Birds & the like  )
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