Event Detail :

Sree Krishna Go Seva Trust

There are some Goshalas around India that maintain them selves through old ways, stay away from the
rules of endowments to maintain their sanctity. This Goshala is next to  Kala Hanuman temple  is
managed by  Sri Krishna Seva Trust. It has more than 573 cows ( about 50 of them hybrid - rest all
indigenous)  , 20 staff to maintain. Gopujas , Godanas all occur at the place.

This is mainly initiated by folks from Orissa and at this point many local people also support.
Goshala timings are from 5 AM- 8 PM . All can visit at their convenience.

What is the Event :

Under this event we are going to provide the Goshala and Gou with what ever is needed from our
contributions. It may vary from Go-grasam to anything needed for Goshala.


Jun 22 & 28

Venue :

Pillar 161, attapur
Sri Krishna Gou Seva Trust

Who all can Participate :  All can along with their families.

Jun 22 &  28 , 2014  :  SuYajna  Event2 :: GoHitam  (Cow Welfare )

Go Seva - Goshala Uddharana