Event Detail :

\What is the Event :

Samishti Bhikshavandanam means some of us together pay our respect to Aacharyas/Gurus & their
entourage by providing all needed for Bhiksha/food for that day.

All those interested in this event can participate in the event through Suyajna

Towards this we pay Rs 3000 groceries + Rs 2000 towards vegetables/fruits etc or we can buy them
and give. Since we don't know the exact contents it will be to pay 3000 and then take a variety of
vegetables fruits etc.  If not we can simply pay Rs 5000.

Some of us are certainly going to the school towards the event. You can also contribute and/or join in
the event.


May 18 , 8.00 AM - 2.30 pm.

We all also will be having lunch.

Venue :

Vidyaniketan Public School , Ullal Main Road, Bangalore - 560056

Who all can Participate :  All can along with their families.

May 18 , 2014  :  SuYajna  Event2 :: Saatvika & Sreeda (Saint - Welfare & Donations )

Samishti Bhikshavandanam