Event  Detail

Das-Hara is a significant festival to celebrate the victory of
good over evil .

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Its festivities include ....

a. Durgapuja   
b. Ram-Lila
c.  Dolls of all kinds
d.  Aaaudha Puja
e.Garba dance
f. Brahmotsava Balaji
e.  And much more

What is the event

Painting the Das-hara celebrations.  One can use any medium for this description through painting.
The paintings are categorized into the following  age groups

sub -juniors  :   upto 8 years
Juniors  :   8-15
youth  :     16-22
seniors :   >  22  


Sept 28 , 2014   
10 am -12 pm


To be Announced ....
Seniors can come to the venue and paint or they can paint at home and submit.

Sept  28 , 2014  :  SuYajna  Event1 :: Samskruti ( Culture )
Das-Hara  Sumakha Varnana
(Painting the Celebrations of Dasara )