New Members

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Why Suyajna and what happens here .......

  1. How many events/month
    1. There will be a maximum of two events in a month. Amount collected from core members and FD/month from donor amount is distributed for these events.
  2. . Can any one propose an event and can it be any where
    1. Any one can propose an event through verified sources
  3. Suppose I propose an event in my city , will Suyajna help conduct it over there
    1. Yes , Suyajna will stand by you once the proposal is approved in the group meeting.
  4. Location of the activities
    1. It can be any where in India , organized by the local team over there

5. Do I have to be physically present for the activities

    1. Not necessary if one can't take part by service then one can contribute financially/materially

6. Why to do activities through Suyajna

    1. Individually each of us do our own events but collective contribution by service, materials or money is far more effective and easier. Not each of us can do it all nor we can contribute 1000s of money for any good event , however we can all get together to do it these through out life.
    2. Also while we do this on a constant basis along with others it is very easy to move along life's challenges at any level.

7. Why I should do it through Suyajna only , I have my own group

    • Sure , form your own group. Idea is mainly to do and make others do good works.